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Konsistentes GitHub-Rendering von aromatisiertem Markdown (GFM) mit Editor.md und Django Templating

st=>start: börja op=>operation: operation cond=>condition: villkor Ja eller Nej? e=>end: slutet st->op->cond cond(yes)->e cond(no)->op

Andrew->Jenni: Says Hello Note right of Jenni: Jenni thinks\nabout it Jenni-->Andrew: How are you? Andrew->>Jenni: I am good thanks!



digraph { a -> b; a -> c [color=red]; }



graph TD A[Christmas] -->|Get money| B(Go shopping) B --> C{Let me think} C -->|One| D[Laptop] C -->|Two| E[iPhone] C -->|Three| F[fa:fa-car Car]

sequenceDiagram participant Alice participant Bob Alice->>John: Hello John, how are you? loop Healthcheck John->>John: Fight against hypochondria end Note right of John: Rational thoughts
prevail... John-->>Alice: Great! John->>Bob: How about you? Bob-->>John: Jolly good!

erDiagram CUSTOMER }|..|{ DELIVERY-ADDRESS : has CUSTOMER ||--o{ ORDER : places CUSTOMER ||--o{ INVOICE : "liable for" DELIVERY-ADDRESS ||--o{ ORDER : receives INVOICE ||--|{ ORDER : covers ORDER ||--|{ ORDER-ITEM : includes PRODUCT-CATEGORY ||--|{ PRODUCT : contains PRODUCT ||--o{ ORDER-ITEM : "ordered in"

stateDiagram-v2 [*] --> Still Still --> [*] Still --> Moving Moving --> Still Moving --> Crash Crash --> [*]

gantt title A Gantt Diagram dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD section Section A task :a1, 2014-01-01, 30d Another task :after a1 , 20d section Another Task in sec :2014-01-12 , 12d another task : 24d

pie title Commits to orion on GitHub "Sunday" : 4 "Monday" : 5 "Tuesday" : 7 "Wednesday" : 3

classDiagram Animal <|-- Duck Animal <|-- Fish Animal <|-- Zebra Animal : +int age Animal : +String gender Animal: +isMammal() Animal: +mate() class Duck{ +String beakColor +swim() +quack() } class Fish{ -int sizeInFeet -canEat() } class Zebra{ +bool is_wild +run() }

gitGraph commit commit branch develop checkout develop commit commit checkout main merge develop commit commit

%%{init:{"theme":"default"}}%% graph TB sq[Square shape] --> ci((Circle shape)). subgraph A od>Odd shape]-- Two line
edge comment --> ro di{Diamond with
line break} -.-> ro(Rounded
shape) di==>ro2(Rounded square shape) end %% Notice that no text in shape are added here instead that is appended further down e --> od3>Really long text with linebreak
in an Odd shape] %% Comments after double percent signs e((Inner / circle
and some odd
special characters)) --> f(,.?!+-*ز). cyr[Cyrillic]-->cyr2((Circle shape Начало)); classDef green fill:#9f6,stroke:#333,stroke-width:2px; classDef orange fill:#f96,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px; class sq,e green class di orange

mindmap root((mindmap)) Origins Long history ::icon(fa fa-book) Popularisation British popular psychology author Tony Buzan Research On effectivness
and features On Automatic creation Uses Creative techniques Strategic planning Argument mapping Tools Pen and paper Mermaid

journey title My working day section Go to work Make tea: 5: Me Go upstairs: 3: Me Do work: 1: Me, Cat section Go home Go downstairs: 5: Me Sit down: 3: Me

flowchart TB classDef borderless stroke-width:0px classDef darkBlue fill:#00008B, color:#fff classDef brightBlue fill:#6082B6, color:#fff classDef gray fill:#62524F, color:#fff classDef gray2 fill:#4F625B, color:#fff subgraph publicUser[ ] A1[[Public User
Via REST API]] B1[Backend Services/
frontend services] end class publicUser,A1 gray subgraph authorizedUser[ ] A2[[Authorized User
Via REST API]] B2[Backend Services/
frontend services] end class authorizedUser,A2 darkBlue subgraph booksSystem[ ] A3[[Books System]] B3[Allows interacting with book records] end class booksSystem,A3 brightBlue publicUser--Reads records using-->booksSystem authorizedUser--Reads and writes records using-->booksSystem subgraph authorizationSystem[ ] A4[[Authorization System]] B4[Authorizes access to resources] end subgraph publisher1System[ ] A5[[Publisher 1 System]] B5[Gives details about books published by them] end subgraph publisher2System[ ] A6[[Publisher 2 System]] B6[Gives details about books published by them] end class authorizationSystem,A4,publisher1System,A5,publisher2System,A6 gray2 booksSystem--Accesses authorization details using-->authorizationSystem booksSystem--Accesses publisher details using-->publisher1System booksSystem--Accesses publisher details using-->publisher2System class A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6,B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B6 borderless click A3 "https://github.com/csymapp/mermaid-c4-model/blob/master/containerDiagram.md" "booksSystem"



ZnX2++2HX++2OHXZn(OH)X2amphoteric hydroxide+ 2H++2OHX[Zn(OH)X4]X2tetrahydroxozincate\ce{ Zn^2+ <=>[\ce{+ 2OH-}][\ce{+ 2H+}]$\underset{\text{amphoteric hydroxide}}{\ce{Zn(OH)2 v}}$<=>C[+2OH-][{+ 2H+}]$\underset{\text{tetrahydroxozincate}}{\ce{[Zn(OH)4]^2-}}$ }

 ⁣ρ ⁣t+ ⁣(ρui) ⁣xi=0 ⁣(ρui) ⁣t+ ⁣(ρuiuj) ⁣xj= ⁣p ⁣xi+ ⁣τij ⁣xj+ρfi ⁣(ρe) ⁣t+ ⁣(ρe+p)ui ⁣xi= ⁣(τijuj) ⁣xi+ρfiui+ ⁣(q˙i) ⁣xi+r\begin{aligned} \pdv{\rho}{t}+\pdv{(\rho u_i)}{x_i} &= 0 \\ \pdv{(\rho u_i)}{t}+\pdv{(\rho u_i u_j)}{x_j} &= -\pdv{p}{x_i}+\pdv{\tau_{ij}}{x_j}+\rho f_i \\ \pdv{(\rho e)}{t}+\pdv{(\rho e+p)u_i}{x_i} &= \pdv{(\tau_{ij} u_j)}{x_i}+\rho f_i u_i+\pdv{(\dot{q}_i)}{x_i}+r \\ \end{aligned}

 ⁣ρ ⁣t+(ρu)=0 ⁣(ρu) ⁣t+ρuu=p+τˉˉ+ρf ⁣(ρe) ⁣t+(ρe+p)u=(τˉˉu)+ρfu+q˙+r\begin{aligned} \pdv{\rho}{t}+\vec{\nabla}\cdot(\rho\vec{u}) &= 0 \\ \pdv{(\rho \vec{u})}{t}+\vec{\nabla}\cdot\rho\vec{u}\otimes\vec{u} &= -\vec{\nabla p}+\vec{\nabla}\cdot\bar{\bar{\tau}}+\rho\vec{f} \\ \pdv{(\rho e)}{t}+\vec{\nabla}\cdot(\rho e+p)\vec{u} &= \vec{\nabla}\cdot(\bar{\bar{\tau}}\cdot\vec{u})+\rho\vec{f}\cdot\vec{u}+\vec{\nabla}\cdot\vec{\dot{q}}+r \end{aligned}

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