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SunStar Systems' Orion™


 The Enterprise Jamstack Wiki.

SunStar Systems' Orion   is a

  • secure,

  • mobile friendly,

  • collaborative,

  • peak performance,

  • federated

Enterprise Wiki  for creating, managing, and delivering static webpages using #Jamstack Technology for dynamic features therein.

For pricing information, see our Orion Plans.

Here's the Pitch, Executive Decision Maker...

What differentiates this product from our competitors is the Orion Technology, and how its efficiency allows us to maintain very low operating costs while providing a superior editorial controls and groundbreaking features. We pass the cost savings on to our customers, with only marginal upcharges for additional cloud provider resources. Give us a call, especially if you are

  • a University IT leader with some tough budgeting decisions to make around your shared Knowledge Management System in 2023,

  • an IT government/defense sector decision-maker with either FedRAMP/NIST 800-207 compliance needs, or fine-grained Access Control requirements on your site's version control repository,

  • a marketing executive wanting an innovative, global enterprise platform for managing your corporate website assets, using Orion as a "headless" CMS,

  • a technology company/website agency leader with a very insecure commercial wiki, a mountain of online product documentation or client sites (potentially offering binary downloads) to curate,

  • a principled High Availability architect tired of dealing with single-points-of-failure inherent in SQL-based LAMP stacks,

  • or really any business-person dissatisfied with the cost structure of any wiki thingy out there, including free offerings bogging down your staff's time and energy.

There is no vendor lock-in involved with our offering. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself what’s typically involved in terms of build system customization by visiting

our viewvc source lib tree, or its GitHub mirror.

Less than 100 LOC to provide the build logic for this website, and it includes sophisticated, memoized dependency management for auto-generation of a multilingual SiteMap and all directory indexes (like this portion of this particular page). We even put the underlying Static Site Generator for the build on GitHub under the Apache License 2.0.


Here's Why, Full Stack Developer / Public Blogger / DevOps Guru...

Want a website that’s secure-by-default? Easy to update and manage, while hiding the complexity of an underlying version control system, yet giving you its full power when you truly need it? Instant publication when you want it; smooth, staged branch builds and customizable granular promotions to your production site as it suits your team’s preferred workflow.

If you are tired of the per-seat licensing and per-CPU-cycle choices weighing you down whenever you need to fix a typo, reach out to us. If you are a regex-equipped lion tamer for decades of accumulated legacy HTML content, or just someone dissatisfied with the other options on the market and how they function at scale, we have something really special to offer you.

Never having to deal directly with a version control system, or even a static site generator, on your own personal computer is up to you. The online IDE is designed and ready for your browser-only workflow whenever you are. In a pinch, even the mobile (browser) interface will get it done, instantly.

Multi-gigabyte source trees are simply no match for it — full site build durations are measured in seconds, not hours and minutes. The system easily sustains over 1 GB/s while processing your sources for full site builds, but given its unique, patent-pending dependency management functionality, it almost never needs to resort to them:

We only build what you need built.

This technology was first invented in late 2011 by members of the Apache Infrastructure Team. The phrase “JAM Stack“ was coined years later, by a group unaware of our prior art in this space. But the public record is crystal clear, and this new offering by SunStar Systems is testimony to that original legacy and its true open source origins.

Want to give it a quick spin to see how fast and easy it is?

This website is self-hosted; all those hot-pink pencil squares at the top right are live. Feel free to poke around and experiment with anything you see! The only thing you can’t do is commit and watch your changes build and deploy; that’s restricted to our personnel for obvious reasons.

Our global Point of Presence (POP) network ensures low-latency connections to both Orion ™ and the end-delivery websites we host. We are currently on four continents and have a bicoastal presence within the US. And we’re expanding rapidly- next up East Asia!

It's time for a sea change in how you manage and deliver your site to your target audience.

Go at your own pace, use as many employees / previews / edits / commits / branches as you like, and only pay for what you actually use on our infrastructure.

See our Orion Plans for the current deals.

Feature Comparison Grid

Feature Orion Slab Notify Confluence
SSO: Kerberos / Active Directory / OpenID Integration SCIM only
FedRAMP Infrastructure + FIPS compliant TLS Server Install
In-Browser Workflow (Mobile Friendly)
DAV support
Incremental Builds
Unlimited Branch Builds
Scheduled Builds of Dynamic Content Only
3rd Party Analytics Support
Federated NO
White Label Support
Installable Inside Corporate VPN $$$
Easy 3rd Party Contributor Workflow (including GitHub PR)
Git CLI Interface w/ IDE support
Unlimited Previews
Unlimited Seats Enterprise Only
WebSite Hosting
SSI / CGI / mod_perl / mod_wasm support
Fine-Grained ACL on Source Repo
+1 GB/s Full Site Builds
8-64 Way Concurrent Builds
TCO < $5000/yr for Enterprise
Comprehensive 99.99% SLA for Enterprise
Searchable Document Status


A Few Representative Screen Shots:

IDE View with Farsi (UTF-8).

IDE Editor View.

IDE Editor View (Spanish).

IDE Full Site Build.

IDE Typical Site Build.

IDE Search (those links in hot pink will drop you directly into an editor screen, with the cursor placed exactly according to the matching text).