Orion Technology

Solaris 11.4

node.js v21.6.1

Perl v5.38.2

Subversion v1.14.4

Some Remarks on the Roads Not (Yet?) Taken…


We’re a NoSQL shop for our entire website infrastructure, and if you are saddled with a giant single-point-of-failure known as an RDBMS driving your site’s assets, please reconsider a more decentralized approach based on the #Jamstack and Serverless Technology. Even if it’s not ours. You will thank us later!

Why not Git?

Why not Python or Ruby or Javascript or Go?

To be sure, here is a snapshot, dated July 19, 2020, of the SunStar Systems portion of the production source tree for the entire Orion (IDE+build). There is little else involved beyond our Dotiac::DTL fork. All of the build-related code has already been open-sourced on GitHub. What remains private are the C-based customizations to third party source trees, which are unique differentiators for our product.

joe@zeus:/x1/Orion% wc -l */lib/SunStarSys/**/*.pm
     1 build/lib/SunStarSys/ASF.pm
   128 build/lib/SunStarSys/SVNUtil.pm
   270 build/lib/SunStarSys/Util.pm
    36 build/lib/SunStarSys/Value.pm
    82 build/lib/SunStarSys/Value/Blogs.pm
    61 build/lib/SunStarSys/Value/Jira.pm
    77 build/lib/SunStarSys/Value/Mail.pm
    70 build/lib/SunStarSys/Value/SVN.pm
   106 build/lib/SunStarSys/Value/Snippet.pm
    85 build/lib/SunStarSys/Value/Twitter.pm
   378 build/lib/SunStarSys/View.pm
  1260 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion.pm
   112 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/Cookie.pm
   183 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/Filter.pm
    90 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/MapToStorage.pm
    59 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC.pm
   194 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Add.pm
    97 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Browse.pm
   133 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Commit.pm
    79 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Copy.pm
    66 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Delete.pm
    47 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Diff.pm
   182 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Edit.pm
   116 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Mail.pm
    70 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Merge.pm
    67 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Move.pm
    52 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Production.pm
    47 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Promote.pm
    60 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Resolve.pm
    64 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Revert.pm
    82 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Rollback.pm
   123 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Search.pm
    78 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Staged.pm
    24 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Static.pm
    49 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/Orion/WC/Update.pm
   220 webgui/lib/SunStarSys/SVN/Client.pm
  4848 total

Why not with something based on the JVM?